About Behind the Closing

What is Behind the Closing?

Behind the Closing is a premier thought leadership publication designed for title & escrow leaders. This material provides powerful insights into managing complex operations at scale and delivering a connected transaction experience. We feature voices across the real estate ecosystem to empower business leaders to transform their operations and unlock new ways of working. 

Behind the Closing is produced by Qualia, the leading comprehensive digital closing platform used by title, escrow, real estate, and mortgage lending professionals to transform homebuying and selling into simple, secure, enjoyable experiences for millions of homeowners each year.

Interested in Becoming a Contributor?

Behind the Closing is accepting a limited number of new contributors. We are looking for contributors that are able to share their industry knowledge and unique perspective. We are looking for the following attributes in potential contributors:

  • Expertise: You don’t have to be well-known to be a contributor, but you must have expertise in the subject you’re writing about.
  • Originality: As we prepare for the future of real estate, we’re seeking contributors who can offer first-person perspectives on modern business strategies. These perspectives may include personal experiences, unique angles, and new insights.
  • Usefulness: Behind the Closing readers are looking to stay on top of the latest developments in the industry and identify new ways their organizations can operate. Any topics discussed should be actionable and give readers the tools to execute these ideas at their organizations.


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